Liberate the Lode
Start Sunken Lode Guard
End Sunken Lode Guard
Level 9
Location The Sunken Lode
Experience 2700
Reward 450 Shilling, 2 Metal

Liberate the Lode is a daily quest that takes players to The Sunken Lode.


The Sunken Lode has been overrun by cunning Orbolgs. Complete the Sunken Lode Challenges to drive them out of Goghan's mining claim.

  • Sunken Lode Smasher: Complete the Sunken Lode Smasher Challenge to halt progress on the Orbolg mining operation.
  • Return to the Guard: Report back to the Sunken Lode Guard to inform him of your progress and develop your strategy.
  • Sunken Lode Boss Raid: Complete the Sunken Lode Boss Raid Challenge by slaying the Orbolg Ore Crusher and crippling their mining operation.
  • Return to the Guard