v1.2.18 (2013.6.5)Edit

  • Rebalanced player ability damage.
  • Added an Event notification and join link in the Chat channel.
  • Cosmetic suit bonus EXP and Shilling bonuses now actually give the bonuses they display.
  • Improved the language filter, “making”, “paper” and the like are not blocked anymore while other words now are.
  • Fixed character names displaying with incorrect capital letters.
  • Fixed a mod bug that caused two-handed weapons to not get the full mod bonus.
  • Fixed ability from the Drover boss that dealt massive damage.
  • Fixed the main problems with the Songbreaker quest lines. Players should now be able to finish these quests. If the problem persists please make a ticket and/or tell us in the forums.

v1.2.14e (2013.5.31)Edit

  • Scaled back mob difficulty level and HP, this change has more effect on high-level where this was a larger problem.
  • Fixed an armor calculation bug that caused the combat to be much more difficult.
  • Fixed a missing icon in the Vault Mythhub.
  • Fixed a problem with Challenge rewards being ridiculous.
  • Reduce the drop-rate of trade goods and increased the sell price to make player less likely to run out of bag space.
  • Newly dropped energy bars will now have a 1 hour time limit, already acquired energy bars will still be permanent.
  • The Vault's quest score (regional completion) now displays the correct information.


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