Repair the Skydock
Location The Refuge

The Repair the Skydock quest is part of the main quest line.


The Refuge is running dangerously low on food and supplies. Help repair the Refuge Skydock so shipments can resume and so the Mysterious Voice can contact you.

  • Meet Captain Twyne: Captain Twyne, a member of the Nexan Guard that you met in Delon, is gathering volunteers to help make the Refuge safer. Find out about his plan.
  • Collect the Phlogiston
  • Bring Phlogiston to Twyne: Captain Twyne told you to bring him a Phlogiston Canister from the Bunker Halls to ensure that the Skydock stays afloat.
  • Rescue the Tinker
  • Return to Twyne: Let Captain Twyne know that Malom has agreed to help repair the Refuge Skydock.
  • Reclaim Lumber: Malom needs some sturdy lumber to start work on the Skydock scaffold. Head into the Old Courtyard and recover some Blightwood Planks from abandoned Corsair fortifications.
  • Bring the Lumber to Twyne: The Corsairs that have been plaguing the Heartland Road used to have a hideout in the Old Courtyard. Bring Malom some Blightwood Planks from the Old Courtyard to reinforce the Skydock scaffold.
  • Save the Trapped Miners: Malom asked you to request Foreman Gogahn's help with constructing the Skydock scaffold, but his mining staff might be in trouble. Find out how you can help Gogahn's employees so the scaffold can be completed in time.
  • Gather Scrap Iron: Malom and Gogahn's miners have built two sections of scaffolding for the Refuge Skydock, but Malom needs additional materials to reinforce the structure. Investigate the Dust Yard and gather Scrap Iron to proceed.
  • Raise the Elevator: The Sykdock has been fully repaired. The last thing to be done is to unlatch the Elevator from its failsafe position in the Well.
  • Climb the Skydock: The Skydock scaffold has improved your device's reception immensely. Find out what the Helpful Voice has to say.
  • Climb Aboard: The Helpful Voice asked you to board an airship so he could take some additional readings. Complete his request on one of the airships moored at the Refuge Skydock.
    • Finish NPC: Mysterious Voice
    • Experience: 5000

Save the Trapped Miners dialogEdit

Captain Twyne: Good to see you again! How can I assist you today?

  • The miners are safe. Those Orbolgs are brutal!
  • I don't need anything right now, thanks.

Captain Twyne: You've got that right. Gogahn and Malom have briefed the miners on the Skydock scaffold project, so they should be getting to work pretty soon. Thanks for your help.

  • So that's it, then?

Captain Twyne: Not quite. We've hit another snag on materials. Malom needs some high-quality Scrap Iron to build the last section of the Skydock scaffold, and we don't have the time or the facilities to refine ore ourselves.

  • We can't salvage any old machinery?
  • Point the way, Captain.

Captain Twyne: There's only one place to get decent Scrap Iron in the Refuge -- the Dustyard. Nexans have been leaving old mining equipment there for decades, you know.

  • I can pick through the salvage, don't worry.

Captain Twyne: The problem is that the Dustyard has been overrun by mechanized Skeletons for a couple of months now, some sick experiment that the Guard is barely able to contain. you'll be salvaging from them.

  • It's worth it for the functional Skydock! Show me what I need to fight.