Save the Miners
Head Miner
End Captain Twyne
Location The Sunken Lode
Experience 3600
Reward 2700 Shilling

Save the Miners is part of the main quest line's Repair the Skydock quest. The quest takes place in The Sunken Lode dungeon.


Malom believes that Foreman Gogahn will be interested in helping with the Skydock repair project, but finding workers might not be quite so easy...

  • Locate the Miners: Fight through the Orbolg in the Sunken Lode and find out if Gogahn's crew is safe.
    • Finish NPC: Head Miner
  • Return to Twyne: Gogahn's crew should be on their way to the Skydock. Let Twyne know the good news.


Head Miner: Gogahn sent someone for us? That's the best news I've heard all day!

  • I'm with the Guard, actually, but Gogahn can tell you more! Get moving!