The Guts of the Glut
Ratling Kestros
Ratling Kestros, level 9
Start Glut Guard
End Glut Guard
Location The Glut
Experience 2100
Reward 350 Shilling, 2 Metal

The Guts of the Glut is a daily quest started in the The Refuge that takes players to The Glut dungeon area.


The Glut is overflowing with vermin. Completing the Glut Challenges will help the Nexan Guard clear them out.

  • Glut Exterminator: Complete the Bunker Halls Exterminator Challenge by thinning out the ranks of dangerous monsters in the Glut.
  • Return to the Guard: Report back to the Glut Guard for the next part of your assignment.
  • Glut Boss Raid: Complete the Glut Boss Raid by defeating the monstrous Ratling chieftain and sending his minions scurrying back to the darkness.
  • Return to the Guard