The Sunken Lode
Sunken Lode
Level 9
Location The Refuge

The Sunken Lode is a mine in the Refuge. At an unknown time before the hero (the player) arrives in the Refuge, the mine is invaded by Orbolgs. The Orbolgs completely take over the mine. During this invasion, the Orbolgs trap  some unfortunate miners in the process, leading to the quest "Save the Miners".

The Lode is a straightforward map, like every other map currently in the game. Its design is simple, with walls textured to look like dirt. There is also what appears to be mining equipment strewn throughout the map. A large pit dominates the 'boss room'.The level range is 9, this also being the level of the boss as well as all the mobs in the dungeon.


Save the Miners

Parts and Labor


The mobs contained within the Sunken Lode show the depth of the recent Orbolg invasion. There are several groups of Orbolgs as one progresses to the boss, the Orbolg Duelist.

Orbolg Scout: The Orbolg Scout is one of two melee Orbolg creatures, the other being the Foreman. Scouts wield dual swords and will attempt to melee.

Orbolg Sapper: The Orbolg Sapper is the Orbolg ranged class in the Lode. When approached, they will begin to throw some kind of explosive at the player.

Orbolg Foreman: The big and tough Orbolg Foreman is perhaps the most threatening mob in the Lode after the boss. They wield big flails, and will perform a powerful spinning attack rather frequently.

Orbolg Duelist: The Orbolg Duelist is the boss of the Sunken Lode. He is essentially an oversized and more powerful scout. His level is nine.

Smasher ChallengeEdit

This area is part of the Liberate the Lode daily quest. (No longer true as there are no such daily quests.)


This area is part of the Liberate the Lode daily quest. (No longer applies as there are no such daily quests.)