The Vault Unsealed

The Vault Unsealed is the name of the 1.2 game patch released on May 29, 2013.

Content additionsEdit

  • Level cap raised to 32
  • New suburb: “The Vault”
  • New Wilderness level: “The Broken Stair”
  • Elven races now available (Draug, Riven)
  • PVP Tournament Event
  • New PVP arena map
  • Paragon Mode


Warder skill changes:

  • Spiral Slice: Added a 3 second 20% slow.
  • Warder’s Shout: Changed the knockback to a 1.25 second stun.

Game Changes:

  • Made a very large amount of balance and stat changes to the game.
  • Added option to control player rendering in suburbs.
  • Removed the ability to mail items.
  • Added a tooltip to display more advanced Energy information.
  • Changed the special effects and sound effects for Arcanist abilities.
  • Added a button in the chat bar to broadcast global messages.
  • Changed the emote icon.
  • Minimum level for PVP activities is now 11.
  • Lots of dungeons got another environmental pass, looks way better.
  • Added starter gift bundle redeemable via a key.
  • Made Refuge and Heartland Road look a little brighter.
  • Added a system message broadcast announcing PVP tournament winners.
  • Added more items to the honor shop.
  • Added a loading progress bar to the level loading screen.
  • Added drag-able anchor to the overlay minimap.
  • Added transparency slider to the overlay minimap.
  • Changed the Delton Station challenges to all be Boss Raids.
  • Improved the tutorial levels.
  • Improved tutorial quest tracking.
  • Rebalanced crafting material costs.

Fixed these issues:

  • Energy bars could be used while energy was full.
  • PVP honor shop GUI errors.
  • PVP tournaments queuing frequently didn’t work properly.
  • Filtering issues in the Events GUI.
  • Challenges with a minimum team size of 1 showed the ironman button.
  • Excessive camera shake in combat.
  • Player names were visible during the opening cut scene.
  • The UI sometimes disappearing when equipping a steambike while on a jetpack.
  • The quest “Manor War” was droppable. Players that accidentally did so can take up the quest again from Jost right outside of the Heartland Road town.
  • Some items didn’t have a confirmation box when opening/using them cost Electrum.
  • Items could not be salvaged if the inventory was full.
  • PVP tournament winners didn’t get proper rewards
  • PVP tournaments were not giving correct combat results
  • PVP tournament rewards didn’t have mouse-over tooltips
  • Level up mails didn’t display the correct message.
  • Tooltip on time-limited items didn’t auto refresh when counting minutes.
  • PVP tournament signup button didn’t have the correct feedback when you were eligible to enter.
  • The minimap scale button sometimes displayed the wrong information.
  • Some dungeons had incorrect names.
  • It was possible to get stuck in certain doorways.
  • Flags glitching out if anti-aliasing was disabled.
  • The market place had search issues and useless item quality filters.


  • Optimized level loading process to make it less likely to be stuck in the loading screen.
  • Added decorations to Delton, Delton Station and Heartland Road areas.
  • Removed useless challenge rewards.
  • Obsolete Mod Blanks now become a gift bundle that gives players a new Mod Blank.
  • Improved target switching when pressing the “tab” key.

What did not get in this patch:

  • VIP System
  • Siege of the Spire event

(Both slated for 1.3)