Tools of the Trade
Malom's Tools
These well-worn tools have served Malom for years.
Start Glut Scout
End Glut Scout
Level 8
Location The Glut
Experience 2100
Reward 1050 Shilling

Tools of the Trade is a quest that takes players to the second level of The Glut, the Clockroach Nest.


Malom has agreed to help repair the Skydock, but he needs his long-lost custom toolkit. Descend into the Clockroach Nest and retrieve Malom's Tools from the thieving Clockroaches there.

  • Find Malom's Tools: Malom's Tools are made of a reinforced alloy that Clockroaches find irresistible. Enter the Clockroach Nest and defeat the Clockroaches inside to get them back.

WARNING: must keep chemroach inside the quest circle or tools will not drop