World Machine

The World Machine

The World Machine is the world in which the game takes place, an enormous set of gears powered by mysterious energies. Many years before the game takes place, a race called the Paragons destroyed themselves in their attempt to control these energies. The race left behind a colored legacy and a fractured world.


The World Machine contains four major components: the Major Plate, the Minor Plate, the elemental spokes, and the Periphery, which contains rest of the pieces. The Major Plate sits in the center of the World Machine and is touched by four elemental spokes. These spokes contain the four valuable elements in the world: Coal, Rust, Steam, and Oil. The Minor Plate sits on the other side of the Major Plate and touches the three etheric spokes: the Divine, the Occult, and the Arcane ether.

The Periphery is a binding device with teeth lining the center in which the spokes and plates rotate. The Spires are the center points of the plates and the axes on which the plates rotate. The largest spire is simply known as The Spire.

Gravity pulls perpendicular to the plates and towards the very center of the World Machine.

Ribbon AxisEdit

The Ribbon is a flexible energy band that wraps around the entire mechanism. The Ribbon contains the Morningstar and the Eveningstar, which bring about day and night, respectively.